Saturday, 18 April 2015

#CleavageAdvert:Russian companies are selling advert spaces on women's breasts.

At least two companies in Russia have come up with a more eye-catching place to advertise a brand: a woman’s breasts.
Tittygram — yep, that really is its name — opened its doors in the western city of Ulyanovsk earlier this year. Then came, which popped up in Novosibirsk, the de-facto capital of Siberia, just this week.According to Global Post, Tittygram, which describes its service as the Uber for boobs, has reportedly hired several models, who receive up to $100 a day for their anonymous services. It's also signed up dozens of advertisers  including, apparently, Finnish airline Finnair..Notwithstanding, they are receiving a lot of backlash especially from women groups who accusethe companies of objectifying women.
For less than $10, a business can have its brand scrawled across a woman’s chest and breasts  — which, in most cases, are partially covered by a sexy bra for- and published online.Tittygram claims to donate 2 percent of its proceeds to breast cancer research.
And Gavrilov, the TiTiSign co-founder, even says there's no discrimination against breast size.

A model displays an advertisement on her breasts for the Russian Tittygram service.

"As a rule, girls working in this field have something on which to write," he said. "But there are men in the world who like different breast sizes, so everyone has a chance."Many companies are buying in on the idea, the latest being Burger King Russia..

Creepy or thinking out of the box?


  1. This rubbish idea won't last cos they won't make money out of it. Lousy idea if you ask me.

  2. Advert for men and lesbians I guess.

    1. Lol, cos they'll be the only ones looking.

  3. What a lame and stupid idea.smdh.creepy and silly