Sunday, 19 April 2015

Evacuation of Nigerian citizens in South Africa may start this week.

Nigeria will begin evacuation of its citizens from South Africa this week over xenophobic attacks on immigrants from other African countries, according to Punch.
Nigerians who are interested in returning to their country have been told to contact the Nigerian High Commission in South Africa.
A statement issued by the by the Nigerian Office in Pretoria on Friday, which was obtained by our correspondent, called on nationals in the country to contact the office through telephone or Twitter.
Meanwhile the House of Representatives’ Committee on Diaspora Affairs has called for drastic action by the Federal Government.
Chairman of the committee, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has stated that there was the need for Nigeria to reciprocate South Africans’ treatment on Nigerians.
She said, “We have asked that the Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa be recalled for further consultation. This thing (xenophobic attacks) is not just happening; it has been on for a long time. We cannot live in a state of denial.
“Two, further attacks must stop. (President Jacob) Zuma must ensure that there are no further attacks.
“Three, the principle of reciprocity must prevail. Mozambique has started retaliating with the South Africans in their country.
“We don’t have to get to that level but at a stage, we have to apply the principle of reciprocity.”
Speaking further on the reciprocity, Dabiri-Erewa said Nigeria should apply same measure of South Africa’s treatment of Nigerian investors in the country.
She said, “It is something Nigerians will have to take on. We know that Oando and Dangote are listed on the South African Stock Exchange but they are not thriving. They (South Africa) will not allow them to be patronised. Zenith Bank and Union Bank have tried to set up business there but they refused, yet we have Stanbic (IBTC) here.
“What DSTV is doing here; no Nigerian can do it in South Africa. Shoprite is opening all over the place; you (a Nigerian) cannot do that in South Africa; they will frustrate you. So, why are we not doing the same thing?”
According to her, if the Nigerian government has not been this weak, Nigerians would be safer. “Because Nigeria has not taken a strong action, that is why it will continue to happen,” she stated.
Dabiri-Erewa lamented that there were many Nigerians in South African prisons “who should not be there.”


  1. This is laughabale, we have a government that doesn't care and have constantly failed to protect its own citizens from Boko Haram terrorists within its territory should not be expected to protect its citizens subjected to mob attacks by the savages in a foreign land..where are Chibok girls?

  2. Abike Dabiri am disappointed that u dunno ur history, though ur waking up to this realization at the 11th hour. South Africa's mockery of Nigeria didnt just start today, it has gone on for too long because of the weak leadership we have. Nigeria is not the giant of africa for crying out loud, that's bull and delusional.We have been playing second fiddle to South Africa for too long. While the likes of Mtn, StanbicIbtc, Shop rite, are thriving unabated with Rand Merchant Bank, and Tiger Brand buying over almost all existing but lucrative businesses in Nigeria, the major Nigerian businesses here in South Africa are the cybercafe, hair & barbing saloon importing weavon. Yet they are being threatened with the withdrawal of their permit if they do not employ South African.
    I understand that South Africa government is making a move to renew relationship, with the Buhari administration that has gone sour since Zuma & Jonathan's administration, with the release of the money ($9.3m plus &5.7m) that was seized at the South Africa Airport last year on the controversial 'ammunition purchase'. Nigeria has nothing to loose in South Africa rather South Africa has everything to loose in Nigeria because South Africa market has become over saturated hence the urgency for South African Companies to look towards country like Nigeria. If Shoprite can decide to locate one of its branch even in Kano that is assumed to be volatile, then you can understand. However we must not allow such businesses to take over our entrepreneurial tendencies that is growing our own economy. Remember it is still Small businesses that grows the economic of any Nation. So Nigeria know your power! Enuff said.

  3. May??? Am sad for my country.if ur Nigerian in SA better find ur own way back home but knowing nigerians some will not like to abandon dir investment and hard earned biz just like dat.