Thursday, 23 April 2015

#GhostPhotobomb...Ghostly figure photobombs newlyweds wedding photo.

Reddit user Kevin Matthew Dennis uploaded this image of he and his new bride on their wedding day showing a ghostly face in between them

One couple has been left bewildered after a photo taken on their special day revealed a ghostly photobomber.
Hidden in the couple's favourite wedding photo is a mysterious and 'creepy' face of an unknown person- or thing.
'Me and my wife's favourite wedding photo... Until we saw what was between us... We still don't know who it was,' Reddit user Kevin Matthew Dennis, from Virginia in the U.S., captioned the image.

Mr Denis's wife Christiana had been using it as her profile picture on Facebook before a friend pointed out the ghostly face hidden between their smiles.
Christiana 'had this as her FB profile picture but somebody said something about the person behind and then she kinda got freaked out a little,' he wrote.
The couple still have no clue as to whether it was one of their guests.

'Her sister said it might be her but that face looks absolutely nothing even close to it. That face looks like a baby face imo [in my opinion],' Mr Denis wrote. 
Reddit users were quick to cast their own theories as to who, or what, the face was. 
'It looks like Smeagol after the Precious,' said one social media user.
'It's your unborn baby,' joked another. 
Another Reddit user joked that the infant figure might be the spawn of satan. 
'It's coming! Better get some sleep now, soon you'll be up all night fixing babycramps and diapers everywhere! I think it might be a boy by the looks of it Or satan, I'm not sure, enhance.'
Other social media users were more sensible with their suggestions. 
'I am pretty certain that that is the folds of someone's pinkish cardigan,' said one Reddit user.
Others said they thought it was the bride's dress or hair, or perhaps her wedding dress train. 
One generous Reddit user decided to photoshop the ghostly child's face out of the photo so that the couple could continue to use it without feeling haunted, leaving the couple at ease.
'Thank you very much! My wife really appreciates she's happy again. Happy wife = Happy life,' Mr Dennis said.
The picture comes on the heels of another ghostly figure snapped in what should have been a lovely momento- the boots of an unknown figure in a photo of a little girl.
The father of the little girl who starred in a photograph that sent the internet into a frenzy because of a mystery pair of boots has 'no idea' what the object could be.
Martin Springall, 38, photographed his young daughter - who he wished not be named - standing near a rocky outcrop in Zushi, Japan, in July 2014.

A trick of the light or paranormal forces at play? There is chatter online about what the cause of this apparent black boot apparition isHowever, in this other supplied picture, the black boots have returnedHe said he was living and working in Tokyo, around an hour north, and wanted to send a picture 'to my wife, who was at work'.

'I took a series of them,' Mr Springall said via email. 'It wasn't until I was checking them later in the evening that I just happened to notice the boots behind her in that one shot.'
'I showed my wife immediately. She was considerably more upset by it than I was, to be honest. 
The photograph has sparked considerable debate on the website Reddit, with sceptics arguing whether the picture was modified, if there was a person standing behind the girl or if it was all a trick of the light.  
Mr Springall insisted there was 'no one' else in the vicinity - and said it had not been Photoshopped, despite sceptics believing otherwise. 
'I certainly would have noticed someone standing behind her in one of the shots,' he said. 
'She likely wouldn't even have posed for the picture in that case, because she's incredibly shy'.  
'I have no idea what the boots are, where they come from or what they could represent. 
'All I can tell you is that I totally get the cynicism.... If I saw that online I would view it exactly the same way. 
'I can assure you, though, that it was just the two of us in the area and the photo is 100% untouched.  



  1. Bad omen if u ask me

    1. Honestly the baby looks menacing

  2. What the...scary shit..could be a guest playing a prank?