Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Indonesia executions:they had a last meal of KFC before being executed but Filipino woman was spared at the last minute.

Rest in peace: Reformed drug smugglers Andrew Chan (left) and Myuran Sukumaran (right) were put to death at 3:25am Australian Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday morning

Myuran Sukumaran, known affectionately as Myu, and Andrew Chan had become an accomplished artist and an ordained pastor respectively, following extensive rehabilitation programs in Indonesian prisonsSurvivor: Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso (centre) survived - spared after her alleged recruiter turned herself in Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso (centre) survived - spared after her alleged recruiter turned herself in

Reformed Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were killed by an Indonesian firing squad shortly after midnight Wednesday local time.
Chan, 31, Sukumaran, 34, and six other prisoners were taken to a jungle clearing on Nusakambangan Island.
They were shot dead by firing squads comprising of 12 police privates armed with rifles at 12:25am local time (3:25am AEST).
It took 27 minutes for authorities to confirm their deaths. Local media quoted an official saying they were 'shot at 00.35 and died at 01.02
A Twitter account purporting to belong to Chan's brother, Michael, tweeted his response to the devastating development
A law enforcement official was quoted saying: 'The executions went well, without any disruptions.' 
In following through with the killings, the Indonesian government ignored agonised pleas for clemency from the prisoners' families and Australian and international officials.
Sukumaran had pledged to face the firing squad with ‘strength and dignity’ and was planning to go without a blindfold. The pair's last meal were buckets of KFC. 
Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso - the Filipino drug mule who was the ninth convict sentenced to death - was spared after new information emerged about her case.
The Chan and Sukumaran families were staying together in a hotel in Cilacap when the murders occurred. 
Some relatives who were on the island reportedly heard the deadly shots ringing out and 'became hysterical'. 
A Twitter account purporting to belong to Chan's brother, Michael, tweeted: 'I have just lost a Courageous brother to a flawed Indonesian legal system. I miss you already RIP my Little Brother'
An apparent Sukumaran family member also took to Twitter to grieve for his lost relative. 
'To my cousin Myu... I love you more than you can imagine,' he wrote. 'Your legacy will live on. I promise. Save me a place in heaven. #Bali9
'Thank you all means the world to know all you beautiful people support my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Real talk.' 
One of the pair's lawyers, Peter Morrissey, told the Nine Network: 'It's a very sad time.. The two boys are gone. 
'They were beautiful blokes. It is really sad. 
'We did have a good (legal) argument. We still have a good argument. We just don't have anything to (argue) it for.
'We'll all keep fighting the death penalty for sure but it's not going to bring the boys back.'   
One of the lawyers for the Bali Nine, Todung Mulya Lubis, saw the loss of the young Australian men as a personal failure. 
'I failed. I lost,' he wrote on social media. 'I am sorry'. 
As the executions occurred, at nearby Cilacap port anti-death penalty protesters lit white candles and sang 'Hallelujah' just outside the gates. 
Later, a silence fell over the area with only singing voices, music of Amazing Grace and prayers heard for the doomed Bali Nine duo.
Hundreds of people gathered near the gate to pay their respects to the convicted drug smugglers or see if they could catch any hint of the executions taking place just kilometres away. 
The Australian duo were accompanied by their nominated spiritual advisers in some of their final moments. 
It is understood they did not witness the execution. 
Daily Mail Australia has been told the grim task officially informing the families will fall to Australia’s Consul-General, Majell Hind.
An Australian representative will accompany the bodies as they are taken by road to Jakarta later on Wednesday.
The execution brings to an end almost ten years imprisonment for the drug smugglers. Both were famously rehabilitated in Kerokoban Prison.
Sukumaran is now an accomplished artist, whereas Chan, an ordained pastor. Vigil: Supporters from Andrew Chan's church group crowded the port at CilacapEmotional scenes: As news filtered through to the nearby port of Cilacap, supporters prayed and sung Amazing Grace


  1. So painful... don't like this judgment...

  2. Drug dealing doesn't pay honestly. Esp if ur caught in a country like Indonesia. I hope they make heaven atleast.