Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Jamie Foxx reveals he wouldn't disrespect Tom Cruise by dating his ex Katie Holmes.

Jamie Foxx has said yet again that he’s not dating Katie Holmes and when the rumours surfaced earlier this year, it actually caused him problems in real life.
The Annie star recently sat down for a chat on Dish Nation, where he revealed how he would never kiss and tell about his romances but that when rumours surfaced about a relationship with Hollywood beauty Katie, his actual girlfriend started asking questions.
When quizzed about Katie, he said that she was an “old friend”.
“I’m not the person who wants to be defined by anybody I date. Even if I was dating someone, no one would know anyway," he said.
“But it affects my situation because I got a girl, who’s like ‘yo, who’s this b****?’.”
Jamie also revealed how an animation project with Katie and Anthony E. Zuiker fuelled more romance rumours when a picture emerged, which Jamie claims appeared edited to make them look as if they were holding hands.Jamie said that rumours about his love life also cause him personal problems because “kids are on the internet”.
Not only that – but also because of his Collateral buddy Tom Cruise, Katie’s ex-husband.
The 47-year-old admitted that he considers himself pals with his former co-star and wouldn’t disrespect him.
“We were friendly when we did the movie,” he told Dish Nation hosts Rickey Smiley, Gary With Da Tea and Rock T.
“You know how Hollywood is… They’re not necessarily your best friends but you have respect for them.”.....What if they fall for each other-if they haven't already-would it be wrong for Jamie to date Katie?


  1. Very wrong if he considers Tom Cruise a friend. It's not cool at all.

  2. they are not dating. Love Katie, I would not like her to be with him. He seems like a pretty nice person, as a friend. As a couple!? God lord NO. His lifestyle, all the women he's been with, how he talks....( i am sorry, but those people who normally refer to women as 'bitch'...)