Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Man gorged smack in the bottom by dangerous bull.

This unlucky man was gored during a bullrunning event in Teulada, a small coastal town on Spain's Costa Blanca, after falling over in front of the beast

This is the moment an unlucky man was gored between the legs by a rampaging bull after being knocked to the ground during a bullrunning celebration in Spain.
The unnamed man was sprinting ahead of the animal, trying to make it to the safety behind a set of iron bars when the angry animal sent him sprawling to the floor.
And despite his desperate efforts to climb back up, the bull appeared to hit him right in the bottom with one of its horns as he tried to scramble away.
The unfortunate incident happened on the street in Teulada, a small coastal town on Spain's Costa Blanca, during the annual fiesta.
The celebrations begin on April 8 and last until April 19, and include floatillas and parades celebrating the town's patron saint, Sant Vicent Ferrer.

As part of the fiesta, large, aggressive bulls are let loose to run around the streets, with local and visitors invited to run alongside them.
The challenge is to tease the animals before escaping behind one of the wooden pallets or iron bull bars to safety.
While it is not known where this man came from, he was seen limping away to be tended by medical crews after the attack.
He was not thought to have been seriously injured. 

The man, who has not been identified, was seen running away from the angry animal before it caught him with one horn, sending him sprawling to the floor Pictures show him crawling desperately towards the safety of the bull bars, but he was unable to make it before the horn hit him square between the legsThe bullrunning takes place during the town's annual fiesta, which includes float parades in honour of Sant Vicent Ferrer, the village's patron saintWitnesses said the man was seen limping towards medical crews after the attack, but was unsupported and appeared not to have been seriously hurt

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