Thursday, 23 April 2015

Wendy Williams is fab for Ebony Magazine

Kierna Mayo WENDY Cover copy.indd

Wendy Williams, diva of dish and host of the wildly successful The Wendy Williams Show, willfully embraces her impact on pop culture while maintaining a laser sharp focus on what matters most, home. On Friday, April 24th audience and viewers will get a first look at the cover shoot, live on the show.
Entering Wendy’s world (the home edition) gave us a close look at her favorite roles – mother, daughter, non-hoity-toity kitchen master, and campy visual artist – for the May issue of Ebony.
“Sometimes I feel a little guilty, like there is going to come a time when all of this isn’t going on and I’m going to regret not lunching at Michael’s with the celebrity girls. But right now, this feels great,” Wendy Williams says of home being the place she prefers to be. 
Wendy Williams also shares with EBONY the intricacies of her marriage and business relationship with husband, co-executive producer, and manager Kevin Hunter. Together they have built an empire that includes celebrating her 1000th show milestone and launching the Wendy Williams clothing line on HSN.



  1. Aaawww she looks stunning! I want a copy of dis edition o. #balancing money, power, & family lol

  2. She looks really good. Nice!

  3. Powerful woman that is fearless.:)

  4. She's come a long cos she never gave up on her dreams.

  5. Powerful woman with a lot of skeletons in her cupboard, but makes money by digging up dirt on other people.

    1. She's never made any bones about her skeleton. She doesn't hide em

  6. Who doesn't v a skeleton?