Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ben Murray-Bruce caught in a lie?

Ben Murray-Bruce@benmurraybruce 
I voted @bukolasaraki for Senate President and Ekweremadu as deputy. Nigeria is bigger than PDP or APC. We must always do the right thing!

Some people say they saw he on live TV and he voted while others say he wasn't there....

Award winning writer Chika Unigwe tweeted in reply :


@sapiosanct @bukolasaraki No election. Who ran against him in your claimed election? The real election took place in HouRep

It seems the Senator has a knack for getting into a controversy with his tweets, he once got bashed for tweeting a photo saying he flew economy and his followers claimed it was a lie..


  1. he's a barefaced liar!

  2. those who claim they saw him vote must v seen his ghost mschewww, so na liars dey rep us for N'A?diariz God o!