Saturday, 13 June 2015

Derenle rocks 10inch heels & agbada as he turns 32.

Denrele Edun is 32 today! Happy birthday to fashion maverick and TV personality as he celebrates his day. He shared a tweet saying:

Happy birthday to ME!!!!
My age is just a number,
It's really not all that big,
I have seen few decades
Since I was a kid.

But I don't look my age,
I beat the teenage spread,
My face glows like thousand stars,
And I forever still turn heads.

#HeadTurner #GlobeTrotter #ShowStopper #JawDropper #NinjaKiller #GhettoBlaster #GeminiBaby #GeminiGang

Today I turned fifty.
I feel really good.
My body’s still working quite well, thanks. (Touches wood). My hair’s not too grey, my wrinkles are few, I can still touch my toes with my knuckles. (Can you?) I’m quite full of vigour, just getting ripe.
My hearing’s still good.
What’s that you say?
Speak clearly, don’t mumble, your voice wafts away.
Inside this old body I’m still young, but then if life starts at thirty-two, I’m really just ten.
HBD to me!!!!!!


  1. I have seen him walk comfortably in tall heels.hbd to him. I no fit shout

    1. Yesoo when u see denrele in high heels like a woman then u will anything is possible under the sun!

  2. babeweysabiblog13 June 2015 at 17:23

    I sincerely don't think this guy is gay..he is just drawing attention to himself.marjeting himself anyhow.well,happy bday to u from me...not my family..LOL

  3. So what is he? Tranny or gay or bisexual or drag or an art form?

    1. I doubt if he knows.

  4. What a waste of good looks.:(