Friday, 5 June 2015

Guy fractures his penis while having sex with GF

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The penis does not contain bone, but as one unlucky man from Ireland found out, it is indeed possible to fracture the organ when one least expects it.
Donegal’s Alan Parke sustained the rare injury about three months ago while having sex with his 22-year-old girlfriend, Clarissa Cairns,according to the Irish Mirror.
She was on top, and while it doesn’t appear they made any risky movements, Parke suddenly heard a snap.
He told the Irish Mirror,
I’ve never known pain like this, it was absolutely excruciating. Clarissa was trying to calm me down because I was jumping around. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.
Parke’s screams were loud enough to reach his neighbors. Cairns recalled they said he was “squealing like a baby.”
The wound apparently generated quite a bit of blood, though it’s not clear how.
Parke and Cairns went to Letterkenny General Hospital, but doctors told them they had never seen such an injury.
The couple was transferred to another hospital in Galway, and Parke underwent emergency surgery.
He emerged from the operating room with his penis in a sling, causing nearby patients to break out in laughter.
Parke said,
Security wouldn’t let me out of their sight. I was so angry.
He spent the next two months out of work and in bed, but the pain and blood would not subside.
Parke remembers calling an ambulance seven times within the first two weeks and a nurse redressing the wound on numerous occasions.
Cairns said,
It was a while before he could even play with himself again he was in that much pain.
Parke says his penis only recently healed, so it looks like he had to withstand at least a few excruciating and awkward days at work. 

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  1. Lwkmd.What a beautiful sight he must've been after the surgery.

  2. It's not a rare injury. Missionary style is the safest.

  3. How many times have being warned that cowgirl causes injury.smh

  4. Poor guy, ladies please msj make una dey am easy.