Saturday, 13 June 2015

I was scorned when I got pregnant at 18 - Waje

Soul and pop singer, Waje, is certainly one of the babes of the moment in today’s entertainment industry in Nigeria.
Now that her colleagues, including her best friend forever, Omawunmi and of course, Tiwa Savage, have clinched a man and even on a nine months course at the moment, Waje said her time would certainly come soon.
Speaking exclusively to Saturday Beats recently during her album listening party in Lagos, the singer said, “There is a man in my life and very soon, you would hear all about it.”
But then, no matter how much she tries to hide the man in her life at the moment, Waje is so open about her 16-year-old daughter. Now that she could freely talk about being a single mother, Waje said it wasn’t that easy when she was pregnant with her daughter at the age of 18.
Since she got pregnant at such a young age, one would easily surmise that the actress could have been a ‘bad girl’ when she was young.
But then, she said that she was “very naive.”
“I will not lie to you, I didn’t know anything. I was just a young girl. I was so naive and innocent. It wasn’t easy in those days. I was laughed at. I was given a nickname. I will not tell you the nickname. But the truth is that I was scorned.”
But no matter the challenges she faced, Waje said she would be grateful to her mother who saw her through the trying period.
“My mother is a mother. She is a true mother. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She stood by me. She never discouraged me. I tapped from her strength. It was her strength that carried me on all through those years,” she said.
Those trying days are over and now, Waje has become a big name in the industry. But the babe never believed that she could get to the height she has reached in the industry at the moment.
“If anybody had told me I would be this popular, I would have told the person to keep his prophecy. I am indeed grateful. It has been God all the way and also, I cannot take away the fact that I have worked so hard to get to where I am today. It is not yet over though. I still have more to do,” she said. 

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