Saturday, 6 June 2015

John Fashanu's daughter wades into her father's divorce drama with Abigail Onyekwelu..

Football legend John Fashanu’s daughter, Amal, has gotten involved in the divorce drama between her dad and his estranged wife, Abigail Onyekwelu(Adaeze Yobo’s mother). Amal defended her dad throughout. According to her, her father was physically abused by Abigail who she dubbed ‘The Black widow’. The divorce case between Abigail Igwe and John Fashanu came up today Monday June 1st. Abigail is allegedly asking for 50 million pounds divorce settlement. From the interview, one can tell Amal has never been fond of Abigail. Read excerpts from this new interview she had with UK Mirror….

“She has been dubbed the black widow back home in Nigeria and it is spot on. He was enchanted. While they were together I went from seeing my dad once a month to once a year. He vanished from his children’s lives. When I called to find out how he was and asked him to fly to London to see me, he would just say he couldn’t talk. I could sense Abigail was in the background, controlling him. He has always had that tough-guy image but it was as though she brainwashed him. I know he suffered domestic abuse.
Dad told me she attacked him more than six times, even though he only reported it three times to the police. One attack was with a sword. Another was with a glass. He also told me she’d fritter away £2,500 ‘play money’ he gave her, then ask for more. He was stupid and senseless but he feels huge regret now and is finally happy and free of her.”
Amal who says her father has never stayed long with a woman, blamed his actions on his parents getting divorced when he was much younger. Fashanu was with Amal’s mother, Spanish model Marisol Acuna Duenas, for nine years. He then married another model, Melissa Kassa-Mapsi. They divorced in 2004 after having two sons, Amir and Akim, and daughter Alana.
“Our situation has always been unusual. I call us a ­modern family because from a very early age I have never known Dad to stay with one woman for too long. Maybe it is because his parents split when he was young. Maybe it is because women are his weakness. He loves their company – the affection, the touching, the cooking.”She also spoke on the first time she met Abigail after her dad married her…………
“As soon as Dad walked through the door with her I knew something was wrong. He had this big lump under his left eye. It looked bruised, like he had been struck, and there was a scar I could clearly make out. I knew I couldn’t ask him about it with her in the room. He seemed on edge. Abigail seemed very reserved and kept me at arm’s length. I couldn’t see what Dad saw in her. She claims she is 48 but Dad told me she is actually several years older than him. He has stunning women of my age throwing themselves at him, yet he went for her. It was only after I heard they were splitting that he told me the truth about his eye. He said she came at him from behind with a glass and cut him after becoming increasingly jealous. He told me, ‘She was convinced I had been having an affair. All she can think is that I am sleeping with another woman – and it is not true. He would never raise a hand to her though. He is too respectful of women to ever harm them.”
Amal claims her father never cheated on Abigail…….
“I haven’t asked my dad about those ­rumours, because I honestly don’t want to know. I am traditional and a Catholic. Abigail was obviously good fun in the bedroom, because I can’t think what else she had going for her. But I also know that footballers do those things. He also doesn’t need to sleep with his maid, as Abigail has claimed. He could sleep with anyone, so what on earth would he do that for? It simply isn’t true. He has said Abigail was always around women, though. She has asked him to retract comments that she is a lesbian because she wants to be a pastor.”


  1. I feel sorry for her and the kind of sordid Mess her family is embroiled in but she no fine like her papa sha

  2. I admire the fact that adaeze yobo has keep mum over this mess cos it's not her fight but her mum's.why wash more dirty linen in public? The mess is bad enuff

  3. There are always 3 sides to a story - the 2 parties stories and the real I will advice this young lady to stay calm and pray that the truth prevails cos she wasn't there.A lotta stuff happen behind closed doors girlie

  4. She's giving excuses for his dalliances with women? Smh.supporting her dad blindly too.i won't be surprised if she's even gay sef as per product of a modern family mscheww

  5. It's not her fight. She should learn from adaeze yobo and keep her mouth shut. Daddy's little girl!

  6. She should go and get married to keep herself busy