Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Meet the internet famous 8-month-old girl


Let’s face it, Internet fame is relatively easy to come by these days.
However, some people actually deserve the recognition they get from the keyboard warriors of the world.
And one of these people is Egypt, an 8-month-old baby from Brisbane who managed to rack up over 100,000 likes on Facebook already.
Yes, 100,000 likes on Facebook, and she’s not even a year old!
Are you even surprised?
I mean, after all, we live in a world where a grumpy-looking cat is worth $100 million.
On the Internet, anything can happen. Literally, anything!
But unlike the rest, Egypt deserves it.
According to Daily Mail, the daughter of Shana Evers and an Australian rapper named Fortafy received a lot of attention when her photo was shared on Instagram by Kardashian Kids. 
It turns out little Egypt was wearing a beanie from the clothing line, and that prompted the post on social media. Since June 4, it racked up almost 30,000 likes.
And just like that, a viral sensation was born. And she didn’t even have to do much.
All she had to do was be herself, an adorable 8-month-old baby! 

Robert Anthony

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