Sunday, 14 June 2015

PMB's Government Is 2 Week's Old....

Like children who get distracted by every toy, so also many of us are getting distracted by every headline or news story.
Sarakigate. WatchGate. TinubuGate. WestGermanyGate. Gates stacked upon gates. But while people jump up and down shouting themselves hoarse over petty irrelevancies, President Buhari has been getting on with the serious business of governing.
Let's see some of what this Govt has been up to over the last 2 weeks:
1) PMB and Osinbajo have submitted their asset declaration to the CCB, and once the CCB have verified this, PMB and Osinbajo have stated they will make it public.
2) Dealing with the Boko Haram monster. Within the first few days of taking office, PMB had flown to meet the presidents of Chad and Niger to discuss the Boko Haram menace.
Yesterday, President Buhari held and chaired a a summit in Abuja with the Heads and Governments of Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin Republic, where it was agreed that that Nigeria will lead the Multinational force in the war against Boko Haram until the end of the mission. A formal multinational force has been set up with all 5 countries agreeing to the leadership, budget and location.
He has also met the G7 to ensure the cooperation of the West in dealing with this monster. If we look at the craziness that is ISIS, we should understand why crushing Boko Haram has to be a priority for Nigeria and her neighbours.
3) Making Nigeria proud again. The Inauguration showcased to the world that Nigeria's democracy is maturing.
At the G7 meeting, Nigeria was accorded respect and treated as a serious partner in the global fight against terrorism.
4) Tackling the fuel crisis. The marketers have agreed to end the oil crisis and also import fuel without the govt having to pay hefty subsidies. Reports have come out that PMB has arm-twisted the importers to provide fuel to cover subsidy monies they have received but cannot account for.
Seems like the goats are vomitating the yams.
5) The relocation of the Command and Control Centre to Maiduguri was announced by PMB immediately he took office, and it was done within 2 days. Getting the Service Chiefs right into the heart of the insurgency shows Nigeria is taking Boko Haram seriously, and it tells the troops that their C-in-C is committed to winning this war. Every army needs its morale boosted by seeing their superiors are also invested in winning.
6) Commitment to reducing the cost of governance. PMB took a streamlined delegation of 20 to the G7. This is a huge reduction compared to the delegation of the 170+ the previous Administration went to the G7 summit with.
He has submitted a list of 15 special advisers instead of 24 under the previous Administration.
7) It is reported the EFCC have opened an investigation into the oil subsidy 'scam', the NNPC and the Cabal that have been looting Nigeria blind.
8) PMB is showing Nigerians what it means to be a democrat by not interfering in the affairs of NASS. Our democracy needs to understand there has to be a separation of powers between the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. While many long for a dictatorial heavy-handed leader, this will not benefit Nigeria's democracy in the long run.
When some sneeringly point to all the so-called gates of fluff that are nothing but distractions, and sneeringly say - Is this the Change you voted for, I point to the above real actions of government, and say - Yes, this IS the Change I campaigned for. A leader focused on Nigeria and resolving her problems.
So y'all please excuse me if i dont get involved in the pettiness of all the 'gates' that lead nowhere. My focus is on Nigeria; Security, Boko Haram, the economy, and corruption. Those are the milestones I am tracking.

 Bucky Hassan.

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