Monday, 29 June 2015

Relocation Of Terror Suspects, An Unbiased Appraisal

It all started out like a not too unassailable product of the grapevine but slowly crystallized to wear the garb of truth when no denials came forth from the Presidency. However, the written statement which emanated from the government of Anambra state has given unambiguous credence to the narrative about the plan to relocate Boko haram prisoners to the state.
First, it was about the order for the removal of military checkpoints which was partially reversed and now there's an advanced plan to move terror suspects to a prison facility in the southeast. Something doesn't sound right, this idea doesn't scale the preliminary smell test, there appears to be a clandestine motive afoot. Countries facing terrorism always endeavour to isolate the threat posed by the marauding purveyors of death in areas already affected.
It is an ineluctable aspect of a viable national security architecture to employ containment as an effective tool in terror management. It is standard procedure even in epidemiology to isolate and render therapeutic options to patients, that is the fundamental principle behind the quarantine culture. It has never been rocket science, indeed it is so rudimentary that one must wonder at the quality of our national security plan if no mischief is intended.
Why is the Nigerian approach different? How and why does a decrepit prison, which is at best vestigial of the colonial order, hold so much attraction for our federal government. Why can't the government just build new and secure prisons in areas already hit by this insurgency? With all the vast acreages of land in those places, the authorities can't find space to erect ideal structures to serve as felon sequestration? How much do new prisons cost and how long do they take to build? So many questions and hardly any answers.
Ndigbo were mercilessly annihilated by these same beastly elements up north, our numbers greatly decimated, we sought safe sanctuary in our 'homeland' and now our traducers are to be brought within the vicinity of our refuge? This is a callous attempt to assault our collective sensibilities and every bona-fide son or daughter of Igbo extraction must resist this heinous plan with every ounce of energy he or she possesses.
We are yet to fully extricate ourselves from the debacle of kidnapping and this coming at this time is a pill too bitter to swallow. To be sure, prison administration is on the exclusive list, hence it resides with the federal government but no one can deny our people's right to self preservation even if we have been denied the right to self determination. At a time that prison breaks have become rampant across our nation, no right thinking person would even contemplate let alone carry out such a vile mandate.
To successfully conduct a breakout of prison inmates, the terrorists are usually embedded in the host community for long periods of time inorder to carry out reconnaissance and garner information on the target. There's no denying the disruptive effect on our lifestyles and the clear and present danger to our security which this likely scenario potentiates.
Is this our own dividend of 'change'? It is much too early for Ndigbo to receive adverse recompense for not voting massively for President Buhari. Anyone who gives acquiescence or approval, tacit or otherwise, to this devious and odious agenda must be deemed an enemy of Ndigbo nay Nigeria and subsequently declared persona non grata.
Our political journeymen must spare us their impetuous commentary lest they receive their due shellacking.This is not a season to exercise loyalties to partisan platforms, any person of Igbo descent who seeks to pander to banal exigencies and supports such a move must be of dubious ancestry and suspect heritage. He or she should be ostracized from our midst henceforth. ‪#‎Noapologies‬.

Okey Joe Emenike

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