Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The internet is going crazy over This NYPD Cop’s Instagram photos..


Meet Miguel Pimentel.
This heavenly hunk is extremely shredded, tatted up and, to put it mildly, probably the hottest cop on the face of the planet.
Thanks to his impressive Instagram account, Pimentel recently became quite the sensation on social media, and now, people are lusting after this eye candy of the law.
But before you rob a bank to get in this officer’s backseat, I have some bad news for you: He actually has a girlfriend.
Sorry, ladies; the good ones are always taken.

Miguel Pimentel isn’t your average police officer.

Aside from being one of New York City’s finest in blue…

This 33-year-old deputy might just be the hottest thing to ever happen to law enforcement.

It’s not hard to see why women are falling for this guy.Between his huge muscles…Tempting tattoos…And sexy Instagram selfies……there’s no denying this officer is hot .

Really, he looks so good, it should be illegal. 

Kaylin Pound


  1. Ofcourse he'll have a girlfriend. Even if he's married it still won't stop the ladies.

    1. I tire o and the keyword is girlfriend not wife