Monday, 1 June 2015

Thousands of couples heartbroken as Paris lovelocks are removed

Thousands of couples are 'splitting up' in Paris, as the lovelocks they have chained to one of the city's most iconic bridges are dismantled for good.
According to officials, nearly one million padlocks attached to metal grills along the Pont des Arts Bridge overlooking the Eiffel Tower will be removed.
Weighing in at an estimated 45 tons, they have been a perennial headache for the city's council, which claims the trend is causing "long-term heritage degradation and a risk for visitors' security".
The last straw for officials came last summer, when a chunk of the bridge collapsed under the weight of the padlocks, causing tourists to be hurriedly evacuated from the area.
Loved-up couples have since been encouraged to take selfies in the French capital instead of inscribing their initials on locks and tossing the keys in the River Seine.
The metal grills which run along the 155m bridge will also be replaced by padlock-proof panels made out of flexiglass, in an attempt to consign the tradition to history once and for all. 

Sky News


  1. Goodness! !for real? !

  2. Hight time people stopped believing in that superstition.