Monday, 13 July 2015

50 Cent to pay $5m in sex tape lawsuit

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was accused of commenting over a sex tape video which appeared online in 2009.
A jury has ordered 50 Cent to pay $5m to a woman who claims he acquired a sex tape she made with her boyfriend, recorded himself commenting on the footage and then posted it online without permission.
Lastonia Leviston sued the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper for invasion of privacy over the 13-minute video which appeared on the internet in 2009, featuring 50 Cent wearing a wig as narrator "Pimpin' Curly".
During the footage, the character makes explicit remarks about Ms Leviston and taunts rap rival Rick Ross, who has a daughter with her.
At the time the footage was put online, Ross and 50 Cent were trading attacks against each other in song lyrics, interviews and on videos.
Jurors will continue deliberating this week on possible punitive damages against the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson.
William Brewer III, a lawyer for the rapper, said his legal team was "disappointed in the verdict but very appreciative of the service of the jury and the court".
50 Cent got the video from Ms Leviston's boyfriend at the time. The rapper and his lawyers said he did not post it online, but Ms Leviston's boyfriend said he would not mind if he did.
During pre-trial questioning, 50 Cent said that the Pimpin' Curly character's reference to Ms Leviston as a "porn star" was a joke.
Ms Leviston, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, said she was horrified and humiliated when the video went online.
She testified: "This was something done to me. I didn't have a choice. I would never, ever do this to myself."

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  1. That's why you shouldn't make sex tapes cos they end up anywhere.