Sunday, 19 July 2015

''I Will Be Having An Elaborate Wedding Soon'' - IK Ogbonnna

Actor and model, Ik Ogbonna has disclosed that he will be having an elaborate wedding soon with the mother of his 2nd child, Sonia Morales and the couple also explained during their Punch interview tht they trust each other and don't snoop each other's phones. According to him, they had their court wedding in Serbia when Sonia took in, but an elaborate wedding will still take place.
''Yes, we would have an elaborate wedding before the end of the year or early next year. My wife is a Latin American but she is also a naturalised citizen of Serbia. I travelled to Serbia to meet with her parents and we had a court wedding. We have not had a proper wedding because she was pregnant and was recently delivered of a baby. I need her to recover from childbirth.''
Do you have access to his phone and social media accounts?     

Sonia: We don’t spy on each other because there is no reason to do so. A relationship that lacks trust can be equated to being in prison and agony.
IK: I have neither scrolled through her phone nor given her a reason to spy on me. I know her password and she knows mine.
their son, Ace.


  1. Good for you man but how does it affect the price of garri in the market.

    1. Eyyyaaaa he is just happy to share with us his life.... God bless them...

  2. Ik,how does this info affect the price of garri? Abeg make we hear word.