Tuesday, 21 July 2015

If you marry at this age then be ready for divorce! -New study claims...

Study Finds Higher Divorce Rate Mid Thirties

People Who Get Married in Mid-30s or Later at Higher Risk for Divorce, New Study Suggests

Thanks a lot, science, for adding even more pressure to the already nerve–racking decision to get married. 

A new study from University of Utah psychologist Nicholas H. Wolfinger found that those who marry in their mid-30s (or, gasp, later) are more likely to divorce than people who marry in their late 20s. (This is either anxiety-inducing or validating, depending if you are asking us or our mothers.) 

Wolfinger found that before the age of 32, odds of divorce decrease by 11 percent with each additional year of age at marriage. (That is, getting married at age 29, rather than 28, reduces your risk of divorce by 11 percent.) 

"However, after that, the odds of divorce increase by 5 percent per year," he writes. 
Who agrees with this?


  1. i totally agree! @ ur mid 30s ur set in ur ways and unbending and moreover if ur a woman ur prolly working and don't really have the patience to stomach any rubbish.

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    2. The major reason for divorce is lack of tolerance and it is not a trait particular to people of a certain age.

      The major number of divorced people I know got married straight after university ie in their early twenties

      A late bloomer has waited decades their peers to get married and would be naturally more appreciative that they finally did.

      Some of these researchers don't give you the full details on the subset of people they researched on.

    3. I think it's different strokes for different folks really but to a large extent age is a large factor in marriage cos a 21 year old may be too naive and inexperienced to handle the challenges of marriage while a 34 year can cos she's "wiser"

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