Thursday, 20 August 2015

#BristowHelicopterCrashVictim...R.I.P Jay Wyatt

Jay Wyatt and Family

The tragic Bristow Helicopter crash is still fresh in the minds of many. A lot has been said about young and vibrant co-pilot Peter Bello, now we are learning more about the captain of the helicopter Joseph “Jay” Wyatt.
While we are awaiting the official report on the crash, eye-witness reports have credited Jay and Peter with averting disaster by manoeuvring the in-distress helicopter away from the densely populated Oworonshoki area.
Jay was an experienced helicopter pilot who had previously worked as a pilot as well as a flight instructor in the USA, in recent years, he reportedly worked as a pilot in various African countries. He was a proud husband and father to 3 young daughters (pictured above) based in his home country, the United States of America.

May his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

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