Sunday, 30 August 2015

What in the world?....Denmark Forgot How To Make Babies....

According to LifeNews, Denmark is in the midst of a population crisis. Declining birthrates mean there won't be enough Danes to support their welfare state and, in a socialist country, that is a HUGE problem. So, what does the government do? They create a government program entitled "Do It For Denmark!" where Danish citizens are given vacation time and encouraged to have sex and do their darnedest to create a baby boom for the country. They even have dating sites specifically for people who want to have sex so they can have a baby!
There's even a TV ad cashing in on this baby-making craze.
And then there's this quote from the article
Perhaps the greatest evidence of Denmark’s concern is that it recently modified its sex education curriculum. As the director of the organization responsible for the curriculum told the New York Times, “For many, many years, we’ve only talked about safe sex, how to prevent getting pregnant . . .  Suddenly we just thought, maybe we should actually also tell them how to get pregnant.” And so they did.
Denmark isn't the only country that's done something like this. Back in 2007, Russia gave people vacation time - and even created a contest - to get its citizens to have sex in the hopes of boosting their country's birthrate. If a couple had a baby exactly nine months after this special "Let's Get It On, Comrades!" Day (okay, that's not really what it was called. I think Rush called it that), they got a brand new car, among other prizes.
On the surface, this is hilarious. Deep down, however, this is symptomatic of a bigger problem, which the article at LifeNews addresses -
 Low fertility rates throughout the West can be traced to the pursuit of “material rewards” and “self-satisfaction.” Having children is something you do after you arrange your life to maximize your potential well-being.
And until that mindset changes, no amount of policy-jiggering or ad campaigns will make much of a difference—at least not until we stop choosing “material rewards” and “self-satisfaction” at the expense of future generations.
The real antidote to our Western shortsightedness is faith which enables us to transcend the dungeon of our desires. Not surprisingly, fertility and religious observance are strongly correlated.
As Chuck Colson always said, worldview matters. How people view marriage, how they view children, and what they think the “good life” is, have practical consequences not just for individuals, but for entire societies.
Or as another theologian rightly points out, “the future belongs to the fertile. It belongs to those who show up.” And the people of Denmark are beginning to realize that a childless future is no future at all.

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