Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Don Jazzy opens up about his real age, his girlfriend, his oil company and more

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Don Jazzy got candid in a new tell-all interview with City People where he shed some light on the recent scandal on Wikipedia about his age, his other business ventures, the woman in his life and much more.
The Mavin boss, real name Michael Collins Ajereh, is currently in America with Dr Sid.

There is this story online that Wikipedia claims you’re 46?
Wikipedia is not one man. If you go now you can go and edit it. Immediately I put the thing on instagram, in the space of thirty minutes, they changed the age from 46 to 58 to 164 and back to 4. But I am 32, I will be 33 in November. If you people like they should go and do their digging. I am ugly and I look old, that’s the problem.
Is it true that all artistes can’t face a crowd/perform without the use of drugs?
That does not apply to everyone, like me, I smoke cigarette. But I can’t smoke igbo (weed). But a lot of people don’t believe me, I tweet about it all the time still they don’t get. The people that smoke igbo are so proud of it. They will say it out, either they will take pictures. As for my artistes, no one does that.
Despite your fame how have you stayed scandal-free?
It’s simple, I don’t do stupid shit. Some people don’t think before doing stuff, maybe their career is not important to them. I don’t do stuff that will jeopardize or spoil the name, it is very important in the business.
What do you do besides music?
I have investments in different kinds of things you don’t even expect, I fit dey sell bread like this and you won’t know, I won’t just put my name on it. But I have different kinds of business, like Mavin Energy. We sell fuel, diesel, that is what it is right now, I don’t have an Oil bloc yet. For now we just have a bunch of tankers. I put my immediate younger brother in charge of that.
When are you planning to get married?
That one I don’t know ooo. It depends, when God gives me the right woman, I don’t know yet, I have a girlfriend though.
 How serious is the relationship with your girlfriend?
As serious as serious can be.
 What qualities do you like in a woman
Just be real with me, I don’t like lies, if you are real with me, we can blend, because I have trust issues, so it depends on the weirdest kind of truth you can tell me, I don’t what to be thinking there must be something behind, just be real, but physical wise sha, I like lepa to bad.
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Source: City People


  1. It's Don Jazzzzyyy again!

  2. Don Jazzy,why you dey claim say you be small boy? Comot dia.

  3. Dom jazzy..ur not ugly..and u dont look old..u are old...ur not in ur 30's pls u may not be 46 but u are in ur early 40's pls...u artistes shud stop playing zee world on us...its an insult to our education and intelligence.

    1. It's possible he's being truthful o.u just never no.he could those people that look way older than their age