Saturday, 29 August 2015

Hard to believe JLo is 46 in these stunning Balmain pieces....

Strike a pose: Jennifer Lopez, 46, stars on the cover of this month's Paper magazine, alongside Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing
The perfect pairing: In most of the images, Jennifer takes a dominant role over Olivier. In this picture she can be seen leaning over the designer while glaring confidently into the lens 
The 46-year-old takes center stage in a new shoot for Paper magazine, which sees her modeling a series of stunning ensembles by Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing, who also features in some of the photos alongside Jennifer, who he describes in the pages of the publication's Luxe in Flux issue as his 'muse'.

In an interview with the publication, Jennifer explained that luxury fashion, to her, is more about how clothing feels when it's worn. 
'To me, it's stuff that's very custom or made for you or fitted - that's how I like all my clothes to feel,' she explained.
'And when I think of luxury, whether it's a house or a car or any luxury item, it's like something special about it that feels like you. Or a piece of jewelry - you know what I mean? It has to have a classic feel to it. 
'I like things that are super trendy. I like things that look like they could've been in this era or that era, but it still feels modern.'
Away from fashion, the star's ultimate luxury is the time she gets to spend with her children, family and friends, away from the pressures of work. 
'Everyone has their own definition of luxury,' she said. 'For me, sometimes it means the quiet moments away from the business of my life, when I get to spend time with my children and my family. And I agree with Olivier: freedom of choice is a true luxury. We are lucky to have it.'
For her cover, which also stars designer Olivier, 29, Jennifer models a stunning beaded dress, as she gazes straight into the camera lens while embracing designer Olivier from behind.  

Fierce: Jennifer Lopez, 46, appears in a new shoot for Paper magazine, which sees her modeling a series of bold designs by BalmainFashion muse: Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing, who also appears in the publication alongside Jennifer, named the mother-of-two as his 'muse' Luxe in lace: For this image, Jennifer put her cleavage on display in a low-cut, sheer jumpsuitGuess who? Jennifer pulls off the role of model with total confidence


  1. I wonder if she'ssas beautiful up close and without makeup.

  2. That's what you get when u date younger men- their fresh young blood freshens you up and keeps u youthful