Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Is Caityln Jenner back to being a ''man'' (Bruce) ?...Accused of being a ''fraud''.

Bruce Jenner

Did Bruce Jenner have 5 million reasons to deceive the general public into believing he was transgender?
 The 65-year-old former Olympian was paid $5 million to star in his own reality TV series, I Am Cait. But his hopes for superstardom and riches beyond his wildest dreams were dashed when his audience abandoned the show in droves.
Jenner was spotted dressed in his old clothes and swinging a club at a private golf course on Tuesday. Gone were the expensive frocks, high heeled shoes and designer handbags.
According to gossip tabloid, Jenner was seen “pulling clubs from a golf bag with “Bruce Jenner” emblazoned on it.”
Jenner — a known cross-dresser — fooled the world into believing he was “transitioning” into a woman — all for the love of money.
A cross-dresser (or transvestite) is usually a heterosexual married man who wears feminine clothing for sexual gratification.
A transgender (or transsexual) believes he or she was born in the “wrong body.” Science does not support their beliefs.
The transgender community wasn’t fooled by Jenner. Many of them expressed their anger at Jenner and E! Network, saying Jenner was not a transgender and accusing him of exploiting the T community for money.
Now that ‘I Am Cait’ TV audience has dwindled down to nothing, Jenner has gone back to his old ways.

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  1. Of course he's a fraud just like the kardashians. These people will do anything for money. Lol