Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tumisola Ladega: The 16-year old Nigerian designer who won the Jimmy Choo Busary Prize!

tumisola ladega

Tumisola Ladega is 16. And she is a Boss! The young fashion designer is a wonder!
She recently received a bursary prize for her outstanding work in fashion and design at the International School of Creative Arts, UK.
The passionate Nigerian designer keeps bagging awards for her exceptional creative and innovative designs. For Tumisola, it all started with her love for fashion at a very tender age. Born into a career family, mother a dentist with flair for fashion and father an architect, Tumisola gradually fell in love with fashion so much that she decided to pursue it as a career against all odds.
In 2005, she started creating sketches of designs she wanted to create. She kept at her dream till she created her fashion brand ‘Tumiila’ which is still an upcoming fashion brand.

She makes annual collections of her designs and shows them on various platforms. In 2012, she made a collection inspired by Alexander McQueen and the life under sea called ‘Midnight Aqua Marine’ which she showcased in Miami, at the FDE.
In the following year, 2013, she created her second collection ‘Monochain‘ which she showed at Africa Fashion Week London, Maryland Fashion. The collection was inspired by an idea to make shirts made with only chains.
Her designs are a fusion of bold colours, patterns and prints such as African wax. She creates a wide range of clothes from ready to wear couture to avant garde. She takes inspiration from everything whether it’s a plug socket or blinds, anything can make a beautiful garment.
Tumisola at work:


Some of her designs:




Wow! Lovely creations! She's really talented and it's great that she's living her dream and passion...


  1. Great talent.

  2. She's really talented

  3. Nice but I hope she's not gay

    1. Why would you think that?

  4. Keep on flying girl! More blessings!

  5. She's British not Nigeria, give credit to whom credit is due.