Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Azelia Banks goes ballistic on Delta airline, homophobic slur caught on camera

Azealia Banks, 2014.

Azealia Banks performs during 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival  in New York City.
  Azealia Banks went off on a flight attendant in a shocking rant — and it was all caught on camera.During a flight on Delta Airlines from New York City to Los Angeles Monday night, the rapper called the airline employee a “f---ing f----t” while trying to exit the plane.
A passenger on Banks’ flight told TMZ her meltdown was triggered when she wasn’t able to quickly disembark from the flight after it landed around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.
The 24-year-old, who was sitting in first class, was trying to exit but had her path blocked by a French couple ahead of her.
When Banks tried to squeeze past the pair, the French man put his hand out.
The eyewitness said that the “Ice Princess” rapper reacted by spitting in the man’s face, punching him in the face and clawing his shirt.
Following her outburst, a male flight attendant grabbed her bag and told her to calm down.
A video obtained by TMZ shows what happened next: Banks is seen trying to yank her luggage from the flight attendant, when one of the pilots emerges to speak with her.
Banks complains to him about the French man putting his hand in her face. She continues to ask for her bag, and then calls the flight attendant the homophobic slur.
Banks raced off the airline after she was informed that the police had been called, the eyewitness said.
Cops were said to have caught up with the music star at baggage claim, but the couple decided not to press charges against her since they were on vacation and didn’t want to pursue the incident further.

But Banks did not let the altercation go. She took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend her actions and complain about her fellow passenger.
“Ok so I get hit in the face by a man and no one cares. The (sic) only hear what I called the man who was blocking my exit,” she wrote.
“I don't care. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't tolerate b----a--ness and I don't tolerate men putting their hands on me,” she added.
The rapper has since deleted the tweets, and has made her account private.

Not only is Banks’ account now private, but it is also noticeably missing the verified blue check mark. Banks' account has over 567,000 followers; her name is currently a trending Twitter topic in the United States. Billboard reached out to a rep for Banks for comment.
According to the Twitter support website, an account can lose its verification after making changes to the account or violating Twitter terms of service.

After briefly going private and losing its verification, Azealia Banks' Twitter account is public. She's retweeting people voicing support for her as well as the following, which indicates she's not interested in the discussion on her use of the homophobic term.

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