Saturday, 5 September 2015

Breast Cancer Survivor Shares Powerful Topless Photos!

39 year old, Alison Hawkes is a brave Cancer survivor, who decided to bare it all in a bid to show women everywhere that scars are nothing to be ashamed of. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. After six rounds of chemotherapy, she took the decision to have both breasts removed to try and prevent the vicious disease returning. After undergoing the mastectomy, her loving husband Ian, 52, treated her to a makeover and photo shoot. She told UK Mirror:
“I wanted to show everyone that scars aren’t the end of the world. I’m proud of what my body has beaten.I was reading down the list of types of photos that they do, and at the bottom it said topless and I just thought: ‘why not?’
“I uploaded the picture to Facebook. I was nervous at first, but I’ve got an amazing response.”She’s so beautiful! See more below:


  1. Powerful! Touching! Evocative!

  2. This is the real healing! More victory!

  3. Wow! Moved to tears by her bravery
    Praise God for her recovery a d her husband's love.

  4. Mehn! I admire her bravery and I thank God for her healing but I'm just tired of people using nakedness on social media to pass a message across.

    1. Yea but hers is for good and not sexual in any way unlike the lewd ones that flood the internet and has no meaningful message to them