Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Buhari to reduce the number of Nigeria’s foreign missions


In order to save cost and make the country’s missions abroad more efficient President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered a review of the country’s foreign missions with an aim of reducing them.
A committee to be set up soon will be tasked with the job of doing the review and sending recommendations to the president.
Nigeria has a total of 119 foreign missions.
The president gave hint of the plan after he was briefed of the activities of Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Bulus Lolo and other officials of the Ministry.
He said that it would be counter-productive operating missions all over the world “with dilapidated facilities and demoralized staff”.
“Let’s keep only what we can manage. We can’t afford much for now. There’s no point pretending,” he said.
Buhari reiterated the call for former government officials and other persons who were still in possession of diplomatic and official passports to hand them over or his administration will take necessary action against them.
“Something has to be done so that we can get back our respectability as a country. Some people carry official passports and get involved in all sorts of negative acts. We need to do something about it,” President Buhari said.
Source: The Vanguard

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