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This Woman Husband's Bit off her Nose & Swallowed It.

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A Chinese woman claimed her husband bit her nose off and ate it because she didn’t answer his phone call at 2 a.m., according to and People’s Daily Online.

A Chinese woman lost her nose after a row with her estranged husband.

The victim, only identified as Ms Yang, according to People's Daily Online, recently went on a night shift in Shandong province, eastern China, and failed to pick up her husband's call at 2am.

Angered by his wife's behaviour, the man stormed into her work place the next morning and surprisingly bit off her nose. The worse part, instead of spitting it out, the unnamed husband swallowed his wife's nose.

Ms Yang recalled the bizarre event that morning to Shandong Television Station:
'He said: "Why didn't you pick up the phone when I rang you?"
'And the next thing I knew, he pushed my head towards the wall and ate my nose in one go.' 

Doctor said Ms Yang's nose is almost entirely gone and major surgeries are needed before her nose can function normally again.

The entire nose, including the nasal septum, soft triangle and nose tip were swallowed by Ms Yang's husband  
Ms Yang and her husband were both divorcees when they married each other. They had a child together not long after they got married, in addition to the husband's two adult children from his previous marriage.

Ms Yang said her husband's dominant personality only surfaced after their own child was born. He demanded his wife to sell their child so she could take care of his grandchildren.  Ms Yang was upset with this arrangement and separated from her husband.

However, even after their separation, Ms Yang's husband would still call her a few times a day.

Mr Yang was taken to a regional hospital by reporters from Shandong Television Station.

Doctors said Ms Yang's nose is now extremely deformed. Almost her entire nose, including the nose tip, soft triangle and nasal septum, were gone.

The medical team will concentrate on helping Ms Yang regaining normal nasal function.

With the original parts of the nose swallowed, she will have to wait for three months before the doctors can give her reconstructive surgeries for cosmetic purpose.

The police authorities are trying to track down her husband who remains at large.

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  1. All in the name of having a husband! God forbid. What manner of wickedness is this?