Monday, 21 September 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Young Refugee Who Was Tripped By Camerawoman

Christian Ronaldo

Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, a young refugee’s dreams came true after just weeks after being at the center of a nightmarish episode.
Ronaldo walked into the iconic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on Saturday with Zied (also reported as Zaid) Al-Mohsen, a Syrian refugee who was invited to Madrid for Real’s La Liga match against Grenada along with his father, Osama Alabed Al-Mohsen.
Zied even tried to mimic Ronaldo as he kicked up his legs to emulate the Madrid star’s warmup.That heartwarming scene stands in direct contrast to a moment from two weeks ago, when Zied and his father were the subjects of this heartbreaking video.The camerawoman, who worked for a Hungarian station, was fired after she was captured tripping Zied, his father and others.But Real Madrid weren’t the only ones to show hospitality to the Al-Mohsens. The family was invited to CENAFE, Spain’s national soccer coach training center, where they will receive housing accommodations courtesy of the center’s president, Miguel Galán.The arrival of Osama, who was a coach in Syria, and his two sons, Zied and Mohmmad, even received attention from Spanish TV stations.The gesture from the Spanish club continues the trend of the European soccer community showing strong support for refugees, as migration continues to be a big talking point for the Western world.
Whether it’s Ronaldo and Zied or Bayern Munich donating €1 million to the cause, Europe’s biggest clubs seem to have joined together under one banner: #RefugeesWelcome. Twitter

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