Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez still going strong despite rumors of relationship trouble..

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Grab Breakfast in L.A.

Halle Berry and husband Olivier Martinez like their breakfast with a side of P.D.A.

The couple, who just celebrated their second wedding anniversary in July, shared an al fresco breakfast at eatery La Conversation in Los Angeles on Saturday.

According to People magazine, the couple are “fine” and back in each other’s arms again. They recently celebrated their 2-year wedding anniversary, and they have resumed their normal routine of going out for coffee and croissants.
A witness at La Conversation Cafe told People.com that Halle and Oliver, both 49, used to grab coffee there daily. But the source hadn’t seen them together until this past weekend.
“They used to be regulars, so it was fun to have them back. They seemed fine. Olivier ordered for them,” the source told People.
As the couple ate breakfast, the sun reflected off their wedding rings.
The spy said Halle and Oliver ate a light breakfast, then they both returned to Halle’s nearby Beverly Hills home. Rumor had it that they were living separately.
Another source told People, “They seemed okay and were affectionate.”.
"The seemed okay and were affectionate," the source said. Halle is twice divorced from ex-husbands Eric Benet and David Justice. She and Olivier have a son Maceo, 1, and she has a daughter Nahla Aubry, 7, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

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