Friday, 11 September 2015

Lesbian Couple Lose Case After Suing Clinic For Giving Birth To A Bi-racial Child Instead Of A ‘Blonde, Blue-Eyed’ Baby They Had Requested

Jennifer Cramblett filed a lawsuit last year against an Illinois sperm bank for mistakenly sending her a black man’s sperm. Her lawsuit alleging wrongful birth and breach of warranty was tossed on Thursday. Cramblett became pregnant in 2011 through artificial insemination using sperm donated by a black man instead of white donor she and her partner, Amanda Zinkon, selected. However, a DuPage County Judge Ronald Sutter tossed the lawsuit alleging wrongful birth and breach of warranty on Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reported. Cramblett, however said she loves her three-year-old daughter, but she said that she was raised around stereotypical attitudes toward minorities and that she has ‘limited cultural competency’ with African-Americans. She said:

I am happy that I have a healthy child. But I’m not going to let them get away with not being held accountable.’We had to take this into our hands because I will not let this happen again. I’m not going to sit back and let this happen to anyone ever again.’You can’t just go, ‘Well you got a baby. You got a baby so you should be happy. Lesbian couple can’t get a baby anyway. You should be happy that you have a healthy child.’
‘I am happy that I have a healthy child. We love her more… to this day, she’s made us the people that we are. Never trade it for the world,’ she said, her eyes welling with tears. But I’m not going to let them get away with not being held accountable.’
The lawsuit said the clinic later sent Cramblett an apology note and a refund for the six vials – though they charged her for the vials of the correct semen she received.
Cramblett said in her lawsuit that much of her family is racist and that one uncle openly makes racist comments.  Even simple tasks have become more complicated because Peyton is mixed-race, the lawsuit said….

‘Peyton has hair typical of an African American girl. To get a decent cut, Jennifer must travel to a black neighborhood, far from where she lives, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome.

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