Saturday, 5 September 2015

London-based Nigerian, Abdul Adewale Kekere-Ekun, accused of murder jailed for life.

A London-based Nigerian, Abdul Adewale Kekere-Ekun, who was allegedly part of a gang that beat and stabbed an 18-year-old Marcus Hall, to death in 2001, and fled to Nigeria afterwards, has been sentenced to life imprisonment in London.
According to report, 5 people out of the gang have been convicted for the murder so far, Abdul inclusive.
Abdul was reportedly identified in a CCTV footage of the attack where he was wearing a distinctive checked coat. Detectives went to a designer clothes store in London where it was discovered that the jacket was one of only 9 sold in the UK, and Abdul was listed as one of the buyers.
The UK Police reportedly had difficulties tracking down the murderer.
A policeman allegedly said, “Finding him had been very difficult indeed because he frequently disguises himself with several aliases: Adebayo Dalvin, James Ekun, Adebayo Kekere-Ekun, Adeba Yo Muta Lito Kekere-Ekun, James Dalvin, James Adebayo, Dave Bell, David Aaro Hall, Anthony Higgins, Lavelle Holder, Dalrin James, Dalvin James and Gary Edwin Plummer.”
However, the police on their findings, raided Adbul’s home in London, only to discover he had already left the country.
Meanwhile, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), reportedly apprehended him in Lagos, Nigeria on February 12, 2015 for Internet fraud, only for checks by the agency to reveal that he is on the wanted list of the UK Police.
He was eventually extradited back to the UK where he admitted to the murder of Hall, and has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 10 years, reports reveal.

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  1. Unrepentant criminal/murderer. I feel sorry for his family if any.