Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mother Of Two Tries To Find Sugar Daddies To Fund Her Lavish Lifestyle

Sugar Daddy

A traditional relationship isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not for this mother, who is seeking a man to pay for her children’s schooling and fund her lavish lifestyle.
According to Daily Mail, 37-year-old Nina Peterson is well-acquainted with the art of snagging a sugar daddy.
After her first marriage ended, the mother of two got tired of the dating scene and decided to try her hand with sugar daddies — particularly old, rich British men, who she believes are more “traditional” than American men.
Over the course of several years, she had her share of both short and long-term relationships with these men, who gifted everything from Caribbean vacations to a horse for one of her daughters, Daily Mail reports.
Peterson reportedly said she is “very open” with her daughters, 12-year-old Sky and 9-year-old Rose, about her relationships with sugar daddies. She added,
My girls will grow up being savvy about dating and I [will] tell them what kind of man to look for. I would be proactive in their selection. I would definitely be there for them and encourage them.

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  1. I worry for the future generation. I worry so much for kids being raised by homosexuality "parents"; kids whose parents give them wrong orientation about sugar daddies; kids who being indoctrinated to believe being a homosexual is right and are encouraged that it's fine if a little boy wants to start dressing up as a girl.God save us.i worry.