Wednesday, 16 September 2015

No she didnt! You won't believe what this angry artist used to paint Donald Trump’s Portrait..

An angry artist, Sarah Levy,  has painted a portrait of Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, – using her menstrual blood. Sarah allegedly waited for her period to come before getting to work. Sarah, from Portland, Oregon, drew from two of Trump’s biggest campaign blunders to create her masterpiece. She titled the painting ‘Whatever’.
The first was when he called Mexican migrants in the US ‘rapists’ and ‘drug dealers’. The second was after the first GOP debate, when he implied Fox News host Megyn Kelly was being tough on him. She shared this photo and wrote:

Menses on matte board
goal: sell and donate the money to an immigrants’ rights organization
(looks better in real life– you can see more of the color and texture better than in the pic)
“omg he would hate being tampon-painted” – Adri Contreras”
She told Buzzfeed News:
“That he thinks he can bring up the healthy functioning of women’s reproductive systems to insult women’s intelligence is a big problem that I think needs to be called out.”
 See the photo below: did a good replica no doubt but to use your menstrual blood? That's disgusting...or is it part of being artistic?

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