Saturday, 12 September 2015

Oluchi saw her death coming- Family of electrocuted UNILAG student

A promising, God-loving and talented young lady, Oluchi had everything going for her. Her birthday was supposed to be December 5th , when she would have turned 22. A high flying accounting student with an envious grade of -first class- Oluchi was already planning to sit for Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria exams later this month but she would now be buried that same week.
Going by what Oluchi’s immediate elder sister said, Oluchi might have had a premonition of her death.  In her words “Last Sunday, while at one of our prayer meetings in church, the pastor asked us to pray against every monitoring spirit assigned to follow us about. Oluchi got on her knees and started praying, praying seriously, crying to God to rebuke evil away from her. I’d never seen her pray like that before, it was as if she saw her death coming”
Maybe the accounting undergraduate truly had an inkling to what may befall her. In one of last posts, she wrote ” Many are born great but die unknown…everything that makes us human is vain”
May Oluchi’s gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


  1. How sad! Painful for parents to bury their child; she died so young with her dreams and hopes. Rest in peace

  2. I guess it was her time or would I day it wasn't but an "attack" by her enemies that ended her life prematurely? RIP Oluchi; God knows best.