Saturday, 5 September 2015

Omg! Caption this photo of Kylie Jenner..

This is what 18 year old Kylie Jenner looks like without make-up! Shocking to say the least! She did a photoshoot for ELLE (Canada) and it just exposed how much damage she has done to herself due to plastic surgery. She looks really  older than her older siblings! to believe that she's just 18 from these photos...

 On Thursday night the 18-year-old gave a glimpse into a bit of her nighttime beauty routine as she sported a paper face mask in a series of Snapchat videos.
The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star questioned her boyfriend Tyga, 25, 'What's FOMO?' in one video, after the rapper remarked that he felt left out with her wearing the mask. The two suggested they were sleeping in the same living quarters, a first for the couple.
Is that you? Kylie Jenner was almost unrecognizable as she covered her face with a mask in a Snapchat video shared on Thursday nightPlayful: Kylie was joined in the video by her boyfriend, Tyga, who teased her about the face mask
Kylie wore a slate grey hoodie, and had her long, blonde tresses pulled back into a ponytail as she could be seen laying down in bed.
She simply looked back and forth as she showed off the large mask, which obscured her entire face, as she rested in bed, before she turned the camera on Tyga.
She appeared to be looking up at the rapper, who went shirtless, sporting a chain necklace in the short clip, as he noted: 'I'm having FOMO, I'm having FOMO.'
Kylie questioned what FOMO was, but the Snapchat video ended before the reality TV star could get her answer.
In the next video the Rack City singer asked 'Why do you have to go to sleep with that thing on your face?'
However, Kylie was stuck on FOMO, and pressed: 'What's FOMO? Tell me what FOMO is,' to which he explained: 'Fear of missing out.' 
She could be seen rubbing her skin after having removed the mask with the help of Tyga.
Surprised: The father-of-one gasped after gently tugging the paper mask off of the E! star's faceGiving her a hard time: Tyga later teases the reality star for her mask in another video, causing her to say: 'You're so mean,' as she pulls a sad faceInside look: The 18-year-old gave fans a glimpse at her nighttime beauty routine as she got ready for bed with boyfriend Tyga 


  1. She looks way older than herage mates. Live fast,die fast

  2. Plastic surgery hone bad