Friday, 4 September 2015

Pastor Chris Okotie after my wife, he’s behind my marital crisis – Emeka Ike

ike emeka

Top Nollywood actor-cum-producer, Emeka Ike, has accused Rev. Chris Okotie of Household of God Church, in Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, as being behind the ongoing crisis in his family.
The actor and his wife of over ten years, Suzanne, are currently in court – with the latter calling for the dissolution of the union, but Emeka is pleading otherwise and pledging his continuous love for the woman.
According to the star actor, in spite of all his efforts to get the woman to rescind her decision and withdraw the divorce case, Okotie is allegedly pushing her on.
He revealed that the pastor got his wife a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, to pursue her case, gave her N500,000 for her mother’s burial and even bought her a Blackberry Passport phone!
Emeka said “Yes, ‘Pastor Chris Okotie just absolved (sic) my wife into his church without making any effort to get in touch with me. If as a pastor your church member is having issues with her husband, and you failed to do anything to resolve it, what kind of pastor are you? When I called him, he refused to pick my call. He also failed to react to a text message I sent to him. Is that a man of God? Even, if you have a police case, they will make effort to hear from you before taking a position, not to talk of the church…I want the whole world to know because there is a lot of misinformation out there. The lawyer which Okotie hired for my wife is also frustrating every attempt I make to resolve the matter peacefully.”
Okotie’s media consultant, Mr. Ladi Ayodeji, however had this to say on the matter:
“There is nothing to what he is saying. It is total rubbish. What is he saying? Why will the pastor be interested in his domestic issue? Will he say he wants to marry the woman?
“What kind of man will be saying that kind of things on the Internet? Why is it that each time any of them has any issue they always want to bring Okotie into it? Responding to the outburst will only make the guy feel important. The pastor can’t dignify him with any.”
IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales are by far one of the most expressive couples on social media, as they always take some time out to express their love for each other to the world.
In a new post by Sonia however, it seems that the love of her life, IK Ogbonna may have a side chick who he was flaunting on his Snapchat and Sonia is now posting all about it with a message for the both of them.
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If you didn't watch the video above, or you don't want to waste your data plan, the "sidechick" is her. Is anybody really surprised?

I'm glad they're both still loving it up and having fun with themselves.
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  1. Emeka if you had taken care of your wife and marriage I don't think pastor Chris would have had a foot into your home in the first place.its disgusting to hit a woman

  2. Too late Emeka. I'm surprised cos most wife beaters are very romantic beggars. Guess your time is up.