Saturday, 19 September 2015

Reality Check.

 Late Dr. Olusola Saraki, the father of Senate President Bukola Saraki, was a one-time Senate leader in the second republic between 1979 and 1983. In 1983, when the committee he chaired was about to probe the $2.8 billion that had gone missing from the coffers of NNPC between 1977-1978, during which time Buhari was the Minister of Petroleum, the army struck and Buhari himself emerged as the Head of State. Coincidence? I think not! Olusola Saraki and many other politicians of the second republic were summarily rounded up and thrown behind bars. The $2.8b probe disappeared, till date, 32 years later. No one has dared bring it up (except FELA who was jailed, his mother beaten up and his family harassed) and no one will ever again.
My question is; “What is the TRUE value of $2.8b today?”
The defenders of a terrorist have always come to tell us that the reason why probes and checks are confined to the last 5yrs only, is because of the need for clarity and urgency of actions. They say Buhari has limited time and needs to clean the present system and then a subsequent president can go a bit further back in his/her purges and so on.
BULLSHIT!! It is the same 1983 targeting of present political enemies, end of story. If not, please eplain why anti-graft was directed to delve THIRTEEN YEARS back to dig up something on Bukola Saraki, and then the government swings into swift action on it? Which is it: 5 years or 13 years? Ifit is now 13 years, can we quickly grab OBJ and ATIKU over the most damning scandal of recent times – HALIBURTON-GATE? Of course they will now go back to telling me it is only the immediate past government that is being focused on, except that an exception had to be made for Saraki, because he dared stand up to THE MAN!
This is the Buhari I have been telling you guys about. A man who knows only ONE thing! A man who comes to power by force – COUP OR TERROR/THREAT OF TERROR!! Clearly now, we see how he lies very calmly and deftly. My friend Mazi Emeka Nwachinemere Ijiomah hailed him for calmly allowing democracy take place when Saraki carried out his own silent “coup” and installed himself and Ekweremmadu. I remember Buhari saying, “I can work with anyone!” The man lies so calmly whilst he carries out his private, devilish plans! “I can work with anyone”, meanwhile, for nigh on FOUR months he refuses to set up a cabinet. No ministers, No attorney general of a Federation. The reason is because he will have to send the names of his nominees to Saraki’s senate for approval. He intends to do it now in September, when Saraki and colleagues are on holiday – and Sarakiis being hounded and running for his life – sweet sail for appointments.
You don’t dare speak up when a tyrant and despotic terrorist is in power. That is what Saraki is seeing now and that is why an entire country stayed MUTRE when a man and his family were murdered in cold blood in Kano. The state NEC officer who had a case of “guilty conscience” and wanted to expose their atrocities at the last elections (like it was not all blatantly obvious) was locked inside his home with his wife and children, and burnt to death!! Can you imagine the horror of their last minutes on earth when they knew they were being killed – and WHY? What was the wife’s sin? How about the innocent little children? Yet an entire country keeps SILENT and focuses on some fake “PROBES” that may or may not include beyond the past FIVE years of THIRTEEN years! Everyone learnt a new word under GEJ, and that was “impunity!” If someone wants to impugn (or otherwise) himself on me, I know which I would rather they did between TERRORISM/MURDER and PILFERING OF FUNDS!
For FOUR months, a country has been kept on standstill with no cabinet and no professionals installed to run the relevant sectors, especially the economy which is dying, and the reason is now obvious! Our sole dictator has been biding his time, looking for how to incarcerate the Senate President, so that he can have his way! In the 80s, it was easy for him. He simply enacted decrees and jailed anyone he wished to. Today, he panders to the idiocy of his brainwashed followers and tells them he is taking his time to find the right people – whilst he carries out his dark, clandestine REAL intentions!

 Okey Ilo

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