Thursday, 10 September 2015

SURU L' ERE ( Patience Pays)

Hi guys, SURU L'ERE Movie trailer is out and you can watch it here SURU L'ERE(Patience Pays) is produced by The Audrey Silva Company owned by Mildred Okwo and Rita Dominic. It stars Seun Ajayi, Beverly Naya, Lala Akindoju, Gregory Ojefua, Tope Tedela. Rita Dominic makes a cameo appearance joined by Linda Ejiofor, Kenneth Okoli and Bikiya Graham Douglas. Directed by Mildred Okwo.. Please spread the word, thank you =) <3


Suru l’ ere (Patience Pays) was written by young screenwriter Richard Odilu who met the director on social media network, Twitter.  "I am grateful that TASC is taking a chance on a young writer and I am very excited to see the script come alive" states the writer.

 Suru l’ ere promises laughter, romance and a whole lot of common sense anecdotes about living in Nigeria.  

Set in Lagos, the movie depicts the life of a young, timid graduate desperate to overcome his financial woes.  The protagonist ARINZE played by upcoming talent Seun Ajayi meets ambitious and beautiful OMOSIGHO (Beverly Naya) by chance and it sets off a chain of events that force him to explore a “get rich quick” idea.

“This film is funny but it also shows the viewer how hard it is to make a decent living in our country” states the director of the film Mildred Okwo.  “Our brand of comedy is conscientious.  We want you to laugh, love and above all learn.”

The film is packed with many young talented actors like Lala Akindoju, AMVCA winner Tope Tedela, Enyinna Nwigwe and Gregory Ojefua. Interestingly; producer Rita Dominic makes a noteworthy cameo appearance joined by Linda Ejiofor, Kenneth Okolie and Bikiya Graham


  1. Nice one guys! More accomplishment! Amin!

  2. Hope it will be better than the meeting. The meeting was quite good.

    1. Yea Rita Dominic was exceptional in The Meeting