Monday, 21 September 2015

Women In Japan Are Hiring Hot Guys To Wipe Their Faces When They Cry

hot guys

Shhhhhh, shhhhhhh, it’s gonna be OK, woman who just paid to have a hot man wipe away her tears.
Poppa is here and he brought his two friends: gentle compassion and sensitive touch.
When you’re in the midst of a good cry fest, there is nothing better than having a hot man come over, use his hands to wipe away the tears and maybe even whisper something like, “Karen, tomorrow is another day.”
There is now a service in Japan which supposedly allows users to make sure they never cry without being in that exact scenario.
For the low price of around 7,900 yen, or about $65, Tokyo’s Ikemeso Danshi will send over one of its models, dubbed handsome weeping boys, to comfort you in your teariest times of need.
The site for the service has pictures of the six different weepy boys for you to choose from.

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