Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Air Hostess Who Earned $1 Million From Having Sex With Passengers In Plane Toilet Sacked

This is on another level.

An air hostess has been sacked and deported after she was caught in a compromising position with a passenger inside the toilet during flight.
Further investigations revealed that the hostess whose identity has not been disclosed had earned almost $1million in two years by having sex with passengers aboard flight.
The air hostess worked for a Middle East airline which has not been named.
A source who spoke to Saudi Arabia’s Daily Sada said: “She admitted that she had sex with many other passengers during flight and that she preferred long distance flights between the Gulf and the United States.”
Corroborating the report, airline sources added that the woman charged Dh7,400 (a little above $2000) for each mile high liaison, and always found someone willing to patronize her during each trip.


  1. Wetin person no go see?

    1. @ Greg,did you see it or did you read about it. Haba