Saturday, 10 October 2015

Behold the #FishGapePose taking the internet by storm..

fish gape

For a while, Instagram was filled with a seemingly endless amount of selfies that featured girls doing the signature duck face.
Sometime last year, the Internet decided it was no longer cool to eat invisible spaghetti in all of your photos. So, the duck face died and the surprised face stole the spotlight as the newest way to make yourself look like an idiot on social media.
As we all know, Internet trends tend to come and go pretty quickly, so thankfully the surprised face is totally out and now the fish gape is all the rage.
Now you’re probably wondering, what exactly is this fish-gape face we speak of?
Well, it’s basically an open-mouthed expression that reveals just a hint of teeth.
Seriously, what happened to the good old days when all you had to do was say “cheese” and smile?
Take a look at the pictures below to see this new trend.

First there was the duck face…

…followed by the surprised-face selfie trend.

But now, there’s a new facial expression taking over Instagram feeds across the world.

Behold, the fish gape.

If you’ve never heard of this facial expression before…

…let me break it down for you.

The fish gape essentially consists of an open-mouthed expression…

That reveals just a slight hint of your pearly whites…

…kind of like a fish with its mouth ajar.

The fish-face poses are taking the Internet by storm…


  1. I can only SMH!

    1. me too, the ridiculous stuff that be trend online baffles, how vain, empty and shallow the world has become.

  2. Total madness for people who have decided to be mad. All sorts of rubbish on social media.

  3. Don't they feel stupid??????? Well this is better than the duck face.smdh