Saturday, 3 October 2015

Between Dencia & blogger Ono Bello..what you get when you compare Denicia to ''Nicki Minaj'' :)

Copy of dencia

Dencia is currently on tour in France promoting her new single, Rodeo Dr. Last night, dressed in a dramatic fringe jumpsuit, she performed on stage for the first time in quite a while.

Not long after she posted the photos from the event on Instagram, former model and fashion blogger Ono Bello reposted them with an adoring note. Ono Bello wrote:
Our very own Nicki Minaj@iamdencia wore an eye popping outfit designed by her for a club performance during #ParisFashionWeek #OnoBello(sic)
But Dencia, who has been heavily criticised on more than one occasion for closely copying other people’s creative work and ideas did not mince words as she called Ono Bello out for the comparison.
“I will like to be addressed as Dencia not a substitute of someone I made stuff for in the past,” Dencia wrote. “Don’t get me wrong Nicki is amazing but we both work hard for the substitute mentions & the mistaken identities. Thanks.”dencia

But this is not the first time nor the last the Cameroonian-Nigeria singer has been compared with the Trinidadian rapper. Last June, Dencia got in a messy public scuffle with American blogger Nicole Bitchie after the latter  made a comparison between her and Nicki Minaj,describing her red carpet outfit(below) as Nicki's ''fashion regression'' and news outlets have famously mistaken Dencia for Nicki on the red carpet.
denciaHopefully Ono will let it slide..


  1. lol..I understand how Dencia feels, nothing wrong in letting people know you have your own identity but I'm sure Ono Bello meant no harm and was trying to be complimentary. Dencia and drama! Even where there's none

  2. I feel her, i wouldn't take it either.

  3. Stupid outfit. Smh!