Monday, 26 October 2015

Economy passenger handcuffed and led off plane after she 'used business class toilet' to be sick

Edita Kmetova, 50, was led off the plane in handcuffs after she used the business class toilet on the Air Berlin flight as economy was occupied (file photo)

A 50-year-old passenger was allegedly removed from a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing after she used the business class toilet to be sick.
Edita Kmetova from Slovakia was flying with Air Berlin from Vienna to Abu Dhabi when she felt unwell.
After she claimed the economy toilet was occupied, she made her way to the one in business class one.Despite objections from people travelling in that section of the plane, Kmetova entered the cubicle as it was 'an emergency.'On exiting the toilet, she was confronted by cabin crew, angry passengers, and one of the captains, reports the Daily Sabah, where she was handcuffed after an argument ensued.
The pilot then took the decision to make an emergency landing into Erzurum Airport in Turkey.
Speaking to BGN News, Kmetova said: 'During the flight, I suddenly got nauseous and rushed to the lavatories. First the passengers interfered, then the flight personnel and they argued with me, and eventually they handcuffed me.
'They then abandoned me in Erzurum, a place I could not even find on a map if I tried. I was left all alone. At that point, I broke down into tears.'
However a spokesperson for Air Berlin said: After a passenger became disruptive on NIKI flight HG7086 from Vienna to Abu Dhabi , the crew did everything possible to calm the guest and ensure the safety on board. 
'Due to the passenger's aggressive behaviour towards the crew and other travellers, however, it was not possible to continue with the flight as planned. 
'As Air Berlin places a great deal of importance on in-flight safety, the pilots decided to make an unscheduled stop at Erzurum in Turkey, where the passenger was handed over to the police. 
'The flight was then able to continue and arrived in Abu Dhabi two hours later than scheduled. We regret the inconvenience caused to passengers on this NIKI flight.' 
Air Berlin claim that all the economy toilets were available, and that Ms Kmetova was told in a ‘friendly’ manner by staff that she was not supposed to use the business class cubicle.
The airline say that Kmetova reacted in a very aggressive manner, and began to shout, scream, kick and try to bite staff, as well as clash with fellow passengers. 
The incident was shared on Facebook by airport night manager Abubekir Özcan, who was called onto the plane once it landed on Wednesday to lead the woman off.
He has described how he was left 'upset' by what had happened to her.
'The business class toilet is used by a few people while the economy class serves almost 200, when she used it, things got out of hand, he said. 
'When we were contacted, we thought something serious had happened. When I approached her I saw an elderly woman crying and she was handcuffed. 
'I had her handcuffs removed and escorted her out of the plane.'
The pilot refused to allow the woman back on board, and she was taken to a hotel for the night. 


  1. Choi see wickedness o! The heart of man has grown toi cold and hard.ehats the big deal if she used the toilet in that class when she's sick?

    1. I never see this kin tin! Na wa o papa God dey try gaskia fa.

  2. She was just being rebellious. Obviously hated being told that she couldn't use the biz class restroom. The sickness story was just to draw sympathy. Make she take heart. The world isn't fair.

    1. I agree.why did she become belligerent when confronted? She was trying to be smart by half but never expected tge harsh treatment she got . people really need to behave on air flights now cos it's a tense situation up of passengers before anything else; whether the threat is imagined or real

  3. You get what you pay.
    Expect no more nor less.