Saturday, 17 October 2015

Flavour's new baby, Sophia is her daddy's spitting image.

anna and baby

Flavour's babymama, Anna Banner shared the first ever photo of her daughter, Sophia in September to celebrate her first month. A few weeks back, the young model and mother enjoyed a day out in Manhattan, New York with her pals as she pushed baby Sophia in her pram.
A friend of Anna’s has just shared a snap of a grinning Anna cuddling her two-month-old baby girl.
 anna bannerflavour and anna
She is indeed her father's ''ugegbe''


  1. This baby mama syndrome has turned into a social scourge and I think I better start an NGO to teach young girls that it's very wrong to be a baby mama! Have some self respect Anna...she knew flavour had a baby with another baby mama but quickly spread her legs for flavour to have her own like it's some kind of competition. Fine girls without brains is a great sin.

  2. And I keep asking: Wdo these girls see in Flavour that is making them fall over themselves to have his baby? Do they stop for a second to think of the effects a moment of sexual madness and stupidity will have on these kids? How selfish and childish!

  3. Honestly I fit talk! People have no shame!