Thursday, 22 October 2015

It has become normal not to marry as a virgin..#SexualPerversion

Sarah Omakwu. Photo: Twitter

  Abuja Pastor Sarah Omakwu who is the Senior Pastor Family Worship Centre, Abuja is currently trending on Twitter over some comments she's making with #SexualPerversion hashtag. She says it is a sin for a couple who is only married traditionally to have sex plus a lot of other stuff. Not long after, Twitter caught fire as folks hopped on the topic and she became the no. 1 trending topic in Nigeria, and remains still. See some of her tweets:


  1. Virgin ke? When perverts rape 2years old hoe can there still be any virgins in the land and yes I totally agree against sex after traditional or court wedding is wrong cos the only valid wedding is the one before God - a christian church wedding for those who are not pagans

  2. I am pro-Sarah Omakwu! Call me stone age or backward or whatever! Being in the 21st century doesn't make it right nor does it lower the standard of God. May God strengthen us when we trust and obey. Amen!
    *traditional wedding isn't complete because most times no man of God is their to pronounce the couple husband & wife...thats why.