Friday, 23 October 2015

Model slams claims she considered abortion to avoid stretch marks - and has inspiring message for all mums

Robyn Lawley

A plus-size model in Australia has shared a beautiful photo of her post-pregnancy body to rubbish claims she considered having an abortion just to avoid stretch marks.
Robyn Lawley spoke candidly in an interview with Cosmopolitan last year, when she was seven months pregnant, about the fact she had considered terminating her pregnancy .
And in a completely separate comment, she admitted she was worried about her stretch marks fading quickly so she could get back to work as a model.
Robyn claims she was then misquoted in an article by a UK publication - which has since been removed - who reported that she considered terminating her pregnancy solely to avoid the skin blemishes on her stomach.
Last night she took to Facebook to proudly share a snap of her 'bad ass tiger stripes', which she says she 'earned', and to issue a powerful message to all other mums. 
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In the poignant post, she says: "As for my stretch marks I knew they were coming and as they're fading into white ( like all my others) I thought I might capture them. Because they are some bad ass #tigerstripes. And I earned them.
"We put an unbelievable amount of ridiculous time consuming pressure on women to care so much about their flaws they forget how truly beautiful they (you) are today.

"F**k them, who cares, be you, be loud, be proud. And put your efforts into skills that rely more on your physical self.

"And to anyone who feels bad about your body especially after a baby, you are a warrior, you created a life inside of you, that's no easy feat."


  1. Kudos babe! Tell them!

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  3. Lol I feel u! I guess she's really trying to express how passionate she feels about it :)

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