Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sarah Whitney's breastfeeding picture went viral and this happened.......
Read her full heartbreaking story:
Sarah Whitney's picture of her feeding her newborn son Kal-El, with her remaining breast after undergoing mastectomy to remove the other left more than a few people teary-eyed, and now kindhearted strangers who were touched by the picture have pitched in to pay her medical bills.
Sarah, 31, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer halfway through her pregnancy. She had one breast removed while carrying her son and had to undergo chemotherapy before she was induced at 36 weeks. Fortunately, her son was born healthy but she still faced a hefty medical bill.

A gofundme page was opened for her and strangers have pitched in to help, so far, £5100 has been raised. Meanwhile other mums have even been donating their own breast milk after Sarah had to stop breastfeeding two weeks after Kal-El was born to continue with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

"There have been 27 women who've donated milk to feed my son. And he's amazing. I keep saying God must know I want him on breast milk, because he's not picky. He will take anyone's milk," Sarah told Today
Kal-El is now six months old and Sarah is recovering at home.

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    Kal-El ...His name spoke for him! Praise God!